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A bit about us

Hi, I'm Kristina.
I live in Rollands Plains NSW, and I’m the mum to 2 boys, and 1 adult boy, otherwise known as my husband. As he works away in WA and the rest of us are in NSW.. For the last 10 years I’ve been focused on my sewing and pattern business where I design bag patterns which I sell on Etsy under the name of Harley B Handmade. Since that pretty much runs itself these days I got back into making halters and other cool rope stuff as well as my own range of natural products to assist in horse health.
Mark, myself (Kristina), Max and Levi
My goal isn’t to supply you with the cheapest items, but the best. My rope is Australian made, tried and tested. My products contain top quality pure essential oils, sourced within Australia, and where ever possible are Australian produced. Anything else I offer will be tested before it's anywhere near the website and if it’s not good enough for me, it’s not good enough for you.  I will only be selling the best I can find.
If you have any questions, please contact me. I’m happy to answer and discuss anything with you, from sizing and rope options to how to treat rainscald, what ever you need.
If you want a special product and can’t find it, maybe I can make it, recommend someone else, or source it for you. Can’t hurt too see.
As for the natural horse products, I have always loved using "alternative" natural products, for myself and my animals.  I have always used my own mixes rather then the latest fad item. I am huge believer in using honey for wounds, and have seen it do amazing things.  So a natural range of products was the next step. One thing I dislike with horse (and other animal) products is you don't know what's in them.  I have a lot of sensitivities and often end up with killer hayfever, rashes, itchy skin, and even asthma from products so I want to know what's in them, as I know what I react too.  Simply saying contains essential oils isn't enough for me.  So you will find full ingredient lists on all my products, and details on the website on why those ingredients have been chosen.   I have completed a Tafe course on making natural products as well as essential oil courses for humans and animals, one of my life mottos is that you never stop learning.
Lexie - Boston Park Limelights crossing the flooded creek March 2021
I have always had a huge love of horses, and coming from a total non-horse family who lived at the beach, I found a horsey girl at school and made her my best friend. I learnt to ride on her fancy show pony named Cottonsocks.  When I was 18 my parents purchased a property in Rollands Plains NSW to farm fish, and I went about looking for a horse, very much against my fathers wishes.  Coco, a stockhorse was my first horse and we made a lot of mistakes together.... Now 25 years later (oh geeze) I have a paddock full of horses I've bred myself and I am a wannabe dressage queen, who loves western bling and riding through the bush.  My main horse is Harley, he is a Warmblood/Thoroughbred who's dream in life is to be a kids lead pony.  We have recently started back having lessons with a Grand Prix dressage rider, and hope to be out competing again soon at Elementary. My biggest achievement to date was having my 4 year old stallion that I bred come 4th at Dressage With The Stars in 2016, I wasn't in the saddle, but I felt every step he took. He is the most beautiful boy, however I have since sold him onto another home. I currently have a mix of other horses, all bred by me, except for 1, who I've owned since a yearling.  The only horse I've bought in the last 10 years is one I bred and sold, and bought back!  I love my bloodlines.  
Boston Park Tailor Made, ridden by Carolyn Henley at Claredon
I was riding 3 of my horses, however its down to 1 at the moment, just me and my main man Harley.  Unfortunately my mare Lexie got caught in some wire in a flood, and cut up all 4 of her legs, broke her splint bone, and did some damage to the ligaments in her hind, so she is out for 12 months, possibly will have a foal and then hopefully be able to return to riding.  She is still young, so lots of time to ride down the track.  My other ride was Spider, who both Harleys half brother (same dam) and Lexies half brother (same sire) he is having some issues with ulcers, so is under vet care at the moment. He will hopefully return stronger and healthier soon.  I do have a 3 year old filly who has just reached the stage where she is ready to work, so her ground work will start soon, and then she will be started under saddle later in the year.  She is a bit small for me, so hoping to send her to another rider for a while until she is ready for my kids.   You will see all these guys modelling in my website photos and on facebook.  
The Boston Park Horses, Melody, Jay, Oryan, Harley, Spider, Lexie and Luna
My Stud name and property name is Boston Park, so naming this business was easy, Boston was a horse I owned many years ago, I got him off the track to retrain and sell on, as a bit of a money maker, but I fell in love......  After a few rides I knew he was never going anywhere, tragically he was taken from me way too soon after complications after colic surgery.  His name still lives on.
The one and only Boston
Apart from the horses, I live in the best corner of Australia, Rollands Plains, on the mid north coast of NSW.  I am a very active in our local community, I am the an RFS committee member (and hubby is a volunteer fire fighter), an executive for our local riding club, and pony club instructor and president, and help organise a local craft group.  I thrive on being busy.  We breed square meater cattle, and I have a pet miniature highland steer named Finlay.  I also have a large array of poultry, rare breed chickens, ducks, and peacocks. Oh and also some sheep and goats! And of course the usual cats, dogs and birds.
Finlay the miniature highland steer
So ride on, enjoy yourself and your horses, and be assured, when you buy from Boston Park, you are buying the BEST.
Kristina and the Boston Park Team
Harley - Boston Park Harlequin