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Replacement Popper/Flapper

Replacement Popper/Flapper

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What ever you call them, often they need replacing. 

3mm thick leather, 12mm wide and 35cm long.

This results in a flapper approx 16-17cm long.

The flapper comes with precut slits to plait.


If you would like complementary custom stamping on your leather popper, eg. your name or your horses name please message and ask. 



1.Use a pencil, chop stick or similar to make a hole through the end of your lead, approximately 1cm from the end.

2. Pull the flapper through the hole, until its between the 2 slits.     A pair of plyers, or big tweezers will make this a bit easier.

3. Pull one end of the flapper through the opposite slit. Pull until tight.

4. Pull the other end of the flapper through the 2nd slit to form the plait.

5. wiggle the leather around until its sitting nicely. 

NOTE: wetting the leather will make it a little easier to work with and will set the plait in place when it dries again.